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GH EVERDRIVE offers EV Charging Solutions. Our experience in power electronics and our technological knowledge allows us to innovate in this industry.

GH EVERDRIVE, Leader in EV Fast Charging

GH EVERDRIVE develops, markets and sells battery-charging products and services for optimized fast charging of electric vehicle batteries, serving customers worldwide with unique solutions. Together with GH Companies and  local installation partners
GH EVERDRIVE offers maximum value to customers in the charging infrastructure, fleet-and industrial electric vehicle markets

Our tradition of services to the different industries using inverters, converters, rectifiers, chargers, power supplies and low, medium and high frequency induction goes back for decades and the most renowned companies form part of our reference list since 1961.

Close to our customers all over the world

Global thinking and local action is our working philosophy: companies from the GH Group in Spain, Germany, France, United States, India, China, Brazil and Mexico and support in other countries through licence-holders, representatives and technical assistance offices guarantee a speedy response from us.

Experience and innovation

These two pillars are the foundations of GH’s technological ability : in order to guarantee optimum results and the incorporation of the most advanced knowledge in the service given our customers we combine our experience of over 5 years and thousands of systems supplied with the technological capacity of our engineering, universities and research centres in the permanent search for new solutions.

Community and environment

The will to ensure our staff’s professional and personal development, economic success, social welfare and respect for the environment all form one of the basic principles of the GH group.

Commitment to quality

ISO 9001 since 1995 and ISO 14001 certifications all guarantee that GH works according to the most demanding standards.

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