Everflash 502AC


EVERFLASH 502AC is a 50kW ultra-fast DC and up to 43kW AC
fast charger whose flexible configuration allows the charge of every electric vehicle in the market. It supports CCS & CHAdeMO protocols for DC fast charging and also fast AC charging, making it the perfect alternative for all customer needs.

EVERFLASH is the ideal solution for electric vehicle users, electrical utilities, fleet operators and future petrol stations when a fast charging is required, because it offers the
shortest charging times.

The EVERFLASH electronic power section consists of an AC/DC power converter with an efficiency of 95%. The mechanical lay-out has been created to make installation and maintenance very easy and inexpensive; using a silent air forced cooling system without air filters (GH patented).

A user interface with a 5.7’’ color screen makes the charging procedure very easy and intuitive, showing all the relevant information during the charging process.


EVERFLASH is equipped with a contact-less user identification system (RFID), allowing authentication, billing procedures and statistics data collection.

· Very short charging times, typically between 15 and 30 minutes.
· Weather-resistant thanks to a high quality stainless steel cabinet.
· Very easy and inexpensive maintenance due to the separation of the cooling system from the power electronics section. No air filters needed (GH patented).
· Very low noise levels, almost inaudible charging session.
· Fully customizable, color and logo of the customer on request.
· A robust vandal-proof color display guarantee an easy
charging process guided.

EVERFLASH can be connected to external networks, in order to provide the following services:
· Usage statistics, including user identification and electrical parameters.
· Remote information of the main parameters during the charging process.
· Remote firmware upgrade.
· OCPP ready

Types of configurations:

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