Cabecera GH GROUP

GH EVERDRIVE, is a Division of the GH Group, one of the main technological companies for power electronic worldwide.

GH Group is one of the largest experienced induction heating companies in the world with headquarters in Valencia, Spain.
It is a solid, reliable company, with more than 4000 customers and 50 years international know how, innovation, expertise and pioneering in induction technology. GH Group serves to different industrial sectors allowing to operate a multitude of synergies.

Caring for everything

GH Group designs, manufacturers, commercializes, offers turnkey solutions for induction heating systems and takes care of the customer during the whole system life.

Making your business more profitable

The combined experience of the R&D, Applications and Engineering departments of the GH Group offers the necessary flexibility and technical capability in order to develop advanced solutions and convert good ideas into reality for the benefit of its customers.

Close to our customers all over the world

Global thinking and local action is our working philosophy allowing to be close to our customers all over the world. GH Group presence is in Spain, Germany, France, USA, India, China, Brazil and Mexico and in other countries through licence-holders, representatives and technical assistance offices guarantying fast response from us.

Innovating technology

The continuous collaboration with Customers, Universities, Technological Research Centers, Institutes, national and international Associations and Organizations guarantees the incorporation of the latest technology.
The recognition of the customer, awards and patents demonstrate the continuing pursuit of innovation, and advances in induction heating technology. Since the worldwide introduction of transistor generators took place in 1986 by GH Group, more than 5000 units have been provided.

Commitment to quality

ISO 9001 since 1995 and ISO 14001 and UNE 166002 certifications guarantee that GH works according to the most demanding standards.

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