Cabecera GH GROUP

For the GH Group these three concepts mean a single aim :

Constantly improving all our processes, backed by the determined will of all the people forming GH, within our own environment and along with our customers and suppliers.

We are aware that this overall aim constitutes a common measure and we approach this as a permanent challenge, based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards and complying with the legal requisites that they apply to us.

Both Quality and Protection of the Environment and Prevention are a priority aim necessary for our company’s continuity and growth, as an essential part of business strategy.

Quality Policy

The aims that GH GROUP has set itself for making its products and giving its services revolve around the following four basic aspects:

  • Providing the customers with a quality level of the products meeting their requirements and their needs.
  • For the products to respect any applicable requirements of regulations, legal requisites and standards in force, as well as the customer’s own requirements
  • Offering our products at competitive prices and at a cost that provides a profit.
  • Continuously improving its processes and products, providing the resources necessary and implementing the measures defined after the analysis of the results for this purpose

To do all this, people in charge of the different departments have been given all the responsibility and authority required.
Since ensuring Quality is the result of close follow-up in all the stages of production participating directly and indirectly in obtaining the finished product, the employees of each department and on all levels have instructions to attain the objective pursued by the company.

Management of the quality system is delegated to the Quality Manager, who is in charge of making sure that it is properly applied.

In order to effectively obtain the aims set, the Company’s Management fully assumes the responsibility for quality management, having established a particular and well-defined organizational structure, assigning responsibilities, and endowed with resources, procedures and processes which constitute the company’s quality management system, choosing the model that UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard envisages ” Quality Management Systems. Requirements “.

This is the reason why I hereby declare that it is compulsory for all the company staff to comply with the standards and instructions given in this Quality Manual. All the staff must assume the responsibilities pertaining to them as a result of this obligation.

José Vicente González Pérez. Chairman and CEO

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