Cabecera PRODUCT

EVER means Electric VEhicle Recharger. Save cost, drive clean and charge fast.  These are our advantages and are now yours.

With an EVER fast charging equipment you can always recharge within 15 or 30 minutes in mandatory coffee or lunch breaks. This eliminates the need for cumbersome lead-acid battery swapping and allows for a very efficient 16 or 24-hour operation.

Main advantages:

· Recharge any vehicle in 15 or 30 minutes
· Eliminate cumbersome battery swapping
· Get rid of swapping equipment and battery room
· Decentralized charging close to docks or operation
· Switch to the cleanest battery technology: lithium-ion
· Save over 10% of energy, reduce CO2
· Boost performance of your vehicles with lithium-ion
· Increase throughput of your operation

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