Cabecera Everflash2


EVERFLASH is a 50kW ultra-fast DC recharger for electric vehicles, which complies with the CHAdeMO’s charging protocol.

EVERFLASH is an ideal solution for vehicle users, electrical utilities and future petrol stations when a fast charging is required, because it offers much shorter charging times than other solutions.

The EVERFLASH electrical power section consists of an AC/DC high frequency power converter with an efficiency of 95%, that with a dedicated mechanical lay-out, makes it possible to use a silent air forced cooling system, as well as a fast and simple installation.

One industrial embedded PC and a user interface with a 5.7’’ color touch-screen makes the charging procedure very easy and intuitive, showing all the required information during the charging process.


EVERFLASH is equipped with a contact-less user identification system (RFID), allowing proper validation, billing procedures and statistical use reports.

Optionally, EVERFLASH has the capability to send SMS messages, informing the user when the charging process has finished, and including a brief report of the recharge data.

EVERFLASH can be connected to external networks, in order to provide the following services:
· Integration in proprietary management and maintenance systems.
· Usage statistics, including user identification and electrical parameters.
· Remote information about availability of charging stations.
· Integration of an EVERFLASH equipment in an EVER network.
· Remote information of the main parameters during the charging process.
· Remote firmware upgrade.
· Vehicle Fleet management.

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